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Cody’s midway through her pregnancy, and is beginning to look a bit thick in the middle.

I didn’t order a pregnancy test on her because such tests are VERY expensive in Jamaica, and so few veterinary clinics offer it.

All we can do is wait and treat her as though she’s pregnant–extra food with trimmings, extra pampering.

Yesterday I could just barely feel her nipples coming through.

The wait kills me, but as the parent of one of my students explained, “babies don’t happen overnight.”

Puppies are due August 21, and she’ll go in for x-rays on August 11th

Until then, the wait continues…


Comments on: "Well, is she or isn’t she" (2)

  1. Hey Debbie

    Welcome to the 21st century.. I’ve not even joined twitter, facebook or blogs. I’m so impressed with your training abilities to teach the dogs.. good for you..

    Take care and tell Anty Marge hi for me. Hope she drinks lots of gatorade for her electrolytes. Love Tania

  2. debbiedavidson09 said:

    Hi Tania,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. First comment on my blog, Yeaaahhhhh!!!

    Mom’s doing tons better. Turns out that she can’t drink gatorade, but has been drinking sugar-free juices. Thank goodness there’s an abundance of that in Jamaica.

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