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Work on the Three Ds separately–these are duration, distance, distractions.  After your dog sits on cue fluently, only then do you begin to add duration (the stay).  To do this, simply delay the click incrementally by seconds.  So at first you’ll click after counting 1-po-tat-o (these four syllables take one second to say).  After the dog sits reliably for one second, then increase to 2-po-tat-o.  If the dog gets up, or shifts position, put him back in a sit, and increase the duration by a fraction of a second. So this time you’ll click and treat only after counting 1, or 1-po, gradually adding syllables as needed. 

Tomorrow we will work on adding distractions, one at a time.  Stay tuned.  You can also follow me on twitter for updates.


Comments on: "Being a Successful Clicker Trainer-Tip 4" (4)

  1. These are great posts, and have helped me lots! Thanks!!

  2. debbiedavidson09 said:

    Hi Erin,

    I’m glad these are helping you. I will post more tips, so stay tuned.

  3. Helen Gruenhut said:

    How does one stay on a blog??? Do I have to go to the web site every day??? Is there any way to get his by email???
    I’m old as dirt and getting used to these wonderful new things.

    • debbiedavidson09 said:

      Hi Helen,

      I’m new at this blogging thing, too, and have tried unsuccessfully to set up the subscription option for my site. I’m really bummed out about that. I’ll try again when I’m not so frustrated.

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