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Distractions.  Once the dog is sitting comfortably and reliably for about 45-55 seconds, add one distraction, like walking once around the dog.  Some dogs will get up if you try to walk around them.  That’s normal, but you don’t want him to get into the habit of breaking position.  To prevent this, simply move one small step at a time, remembering to click and treat if the dog stays while you move.   So instead of walking completely around the dog, ending up with him on your left side, simply take one step and stand in front of him.  Click and treat.  Remember to stay close to him as you do this.  Gradually add further steps once the dog begins to get comfortable, until you are walking circles around the dog.  Gradually add more distractions one at a time, like pulling out his favorite toy and simply holding it, then later squeaking the toy, then perhaps tossing the toy into the air and catching it.

Tomorrow we will work on adding distance.  Stay tuned.  You can also follow me on twitter for updates.


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