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Train when your dog is hungry.  The best time to train is just before his dinner time.  You can use part of the dog’s dinner as his reward, if he really enjoys his food, or you can use something that the dog doesn’t usually get to eat.  The treat should be something that the dog really enjoys.


Comments on: "Being a Successful Clicker Trainer-Tip 8" (3)

  1. My dog never seems to be hungry. He’ll take a few treats then lose interest quickly

    • debbiedavidson09 said:

      There could be several things at play here. How often do you feed your dog? If he has access to food 24/7, I would put him on a strict meal schedule of twice/daily, then if you can, 1 time for the day.

      Be sure that your dog isn’t overeating at these meals, too.

      Another possibility is that the treats may not be high in value to the dog. If you’re using his kibble, I’d suggest switching to something “better,” like bits of cheese, sausage, chicken breast, etc. The pieces should be small (half the size of a thumb nail for a medium/large dog).

      Also, avoid simply handing the dog treats when you are not training. If you want to give a treat because those cute puppy eyes melt your heart, have your dog do something for you first–whatever he knows, or whatever you’ve been working on.

      The treats should be a novelty to him, something that he doesn’t usually get.

  2. sandysays1 said:

    Goodness, don’t give my human any more tips on training. I’ve just about got him trained. Besides he never let’s me get hungry, the softie.

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