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With the new school year about to begin, I’m getting increasingly worried about the Jamaican Government’s lack of preparations for the H1N1 threat.  Towards the end of last year, schools  in Manchester (a parish in Jamaica) were ordered closed by the Ministry of Education because a few students were diagnosed with the disease.

Now, we’re in the midst of a terrible drought and water is being rationed.  How are students, faculty, and staff supposed to attend to basic hygine, like washing their hands?

As an educator at the college level who also works with children, I’m worried about contracting the disease and spreading it to my family as I have family members who are considered “high risk” patients.

Cases of Swine Flu in Jamaica are currently quite low, with few deaths, but what happens when schools open once more and students are packed into classrooms?  Also, many students are returning from summer vacations in countries where the incidence of the disease is quite high. 

Where are the vaccines?  When and how does Jamaica plan on getting those vaccines?  How do I protect myself and my family?


What are your thoughts?

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