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Puppy Chronicles–Day 4

My Cody’s appetite might be returning.  She drank all of her milk this morning, though it was just a little that I gave her, still, she drank it all.   Tonight she polished off one of my pomeranian’s leftovers.  Of course to Cody another dog’s food tastes much better than her own.  It wasn’t much, but she ate it with relish.  When I gave her a fresh serving in her own bowl, she simply walked away.

The rhythm of sleeping and eating continues without incident.  The puppies now get to the teats without help, and the humans get to sleep.  I rather like that arrangement.

I weighed the puppies for the first time today.  I know, puppies should be weighed at birth and their weight monitored twice daily for at least the first two weeks.  Until now I had no inclination to weigh or sex the pups.  I just wanted them to bond with their dam; and, I wanted Cody to gain confidence in caring for her puppies.  They are so fragile.

Cody still helps out Little Darlin find milk.  She’ll get up and reposition herself so that Little Darlin will find her much more easily.  The clever girl!

Today I discovered that The Screamer and Turbo Pup are both bitches; Little Darlin is a dog.

Pups ID1Resting after breakfast.  From left to right:  Turbo Pup (f), Little Darlin (m), The Screamer (f)


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