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Puppy Chronicles–Day 7

Puppies Day 7 013

Little Darlin asleep in my hands.  Notice the nose leather and pads of paws are beginning to darken.  Before long black will replace the pink areas.





Cody’s confidence as a mother increases daily.  She no longer does the head tilt when her babies cry, but attends to their needs, and if they persist in crying, she simply ignores them.

She’s spending more time away from the puppies, but checks in on them frequently, sometimes just to lick each puppy briefly before leaving the box to sit in the living room with her human family.

Today was the first time since their birth that the puppies didn’t engage in their mid-morning to mid-afternoon screaming.  The day was slightly cooler and I had three fans running in my room.  Of course they had their damp towel to lie on.  I would not recommend anyone leave newborn puppies to sleep on damp towels unless you live in a very hot country.  I live in the tropics and my house can get quite hot.  The kennels outside are built of concrete and they are considerably cooler.  If I moved them out there, I would surely need to supply a heating lamp.

Because they were so comfortable, the puppies nursed long and vigorously throughout the day, and they slept well, too.  Cody ate quite well today.

Today was a good day.  I can only trust that tomorrow will be, too.

Puppies Day 7 011Mom takes a break


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