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Puppy Chronicles–Day 10

Dark PigmentationWednesday, September 2, 2009

The places on the white puppies–the nose leather, snout, paws, lips–that were once pink have now turned black, as expected.  This dark pigmentation differentiates white German Shepherds from albinos.




In the photo above, Little Darlin, like 
The Screamer, now sports
black paw pads, nose, lips, and eye rims
(notice the predominance of pink in the picture
below, taken on Day 5)

Cody’s appetite returns slowly.  She’s getting diluted evaporated milk three times daily, which she actually drinks, and kibble and meat available to her throughout the day and night to nibble.
Puppies Day 5 001

Little Darlin at 4 days old. Notice the pink paws, nose, muzzle.


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