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Puppy Chronicles–Day 11

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puppies Day 11 011

The Screamer is able to pull herself up on all fours very briefly before collapsing like a cartoon car when all of its wheels fall off.  Little Darlin launched himself into the side of the whelping box when he attempted to walk.  By this evening all of the puppies tried walking, but they soon tumbled into a pile on their mat

Turbo Puppy had a bit of diarrhea today.   I planned on giving her some plain, unsweetened yogurt, but wanted to see if it would clear up by itself.  Tomorrow I’ll pick up a tub of that tart stuff.  The diarrhea is not a big deal.  It seems as though something must have upsetted the pup’s stomach.  She is otherwise fine.

Although the smallest puppy of the litter, Little Darlin is growing rapidly and is catching up to his siblings.

Before too long this litter will be walking.


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