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Puppy Chronicles–Day 14

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Little Darlin tries to stand while Mom cleans him.  The Screamer sleeps in Mom’s arms.



 The Three Muskateers now follow their mother on wobbly legs with a half walk-half crawl.   This morning The Screamer wagged her tail while Cody cleaned her up.  Turbo Puppy, whose eyes are now fully opened, came up to the side of the whelping box when I entered the room this evening.

I brought home a bunch of toys ostensibly for the the puppies’ play room.  My male pomeranian Snuggles, however, commandeered the green frog with the loud squeak, ran into his crate with it, and I haven’t seen it since.  Cody tried to make off with the hand puppet with the crinkly paper in its ears.  When I said no and took it away, she gave me that look that always melts my heart.  I pulled out one of her own toys from her toy chest and played a few rounds of fetch with her.  She was happy. I’ve stashed the remaining toys in my bedroom closet.  

Tonight while I was cuddling Turbo Puppy, Little Darlin was too impatient to wait his turn, so he promptly climbed out of the whelping box!  We now have to watch the puppies vigilantly because they may be able to get out, but there’s no guarantee that they will be able to climb back in.

Cody spends less time in the whelping box now, only going in to clean them up, and nurse them, but I find that I have to lead her to the box and put her in a down/stay sometimes so that her babies can nurse.

DSC00690Little Darlin explores life outside the whelping box.
Mom’s legs are in the way.


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