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Puppy Chronicles–Day 17

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DSC00716The Screamer fell asleep in my arms today. So sweet.  Of all the puppies, Turbo Puppy so far seems the one most oriented towards people.  She will actively seek me out, and when I try to play with one of the other pups, she will worm her way under my hand to get some cuddles.

I try to hold the puppies at least once per day, and that’s in addition to the Early Neurological Stimulation that I’m doing with them.  Cody seems only slightly anxious when I handle her puppies, although today she left the room while I cuddled them.

The two white puppies tend to nurse together while Turbo Puppy sleeps.  I guess Turbo Pup doesn’t like being croweded when she’s at the milk bar, so she waits until the other two have had their fill, then she goes over for her meal.

A few minutes ago I saw Cody stretched out on her side outside of the whelping box with Turbo Puppy stretched out beside her.  Apparently she was ready for food, but Cody was outside of the box, so Turbo Puppy, living up to her name, got out of the whelping box and crawled over to Mom to nurse.


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