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Puppy Chronicles –Day 18

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I came home too late today to take any pictures. The puppies continue to gain strength and are leaving the whelping box more frequently now.  Cody doesn’t seem to approve: she licks them vigorously, scratches them, paws them, and tries to pick them up.

Little Darlin took one lap from the bowl of milk that his mom was drinking from.  Hard to tel whether he liked it, but he sat down licking his lips for a few seconds after.  Of course his sisters were snoring in another part of the whelping box.

Turbo Puppy loves exploring outside of the box.  I set her down and she crawled around checking out stuff.  The Screamer, who is a much quieter baby, crawled out of the box and promptly went to sleep.  All that exertion got to her, I guess.


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