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Puppy Chronicles–Day 20

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Three Muskateers are showing signs of being conscious where they go bathroom.  This morning Turbo Puppy peed in one corner of the whelping box.  I put down a sheet of newspaper and placed books on either ends to keep it from blowing away in the wind (from the fans), and about a half-hour later I saw a fresh puddle over that.

That’s a good sign, as I’m hoping that these puppies will be easy on their new owners when it comes to housetraining.  Cody will teach the puppies to go outside of the whelping box to go bathroom, and that’s why I’m moving the puppies out into their kennel next week.  They will learn to go potty on the grass outside of their concrete kennel.

Cody also teaches the puppies to lap. As she lapped up her bowl of milk, curiosity got the better of  The Muskateers, and they had to go investigate.  Turbo Puppy took one lap, then chewed the edge of the dish; Little Darlin sat with his head over the dish contemplating the designs on it.  The Screamer, who has now replaced screaming with mouthing, decided that she had better things to do, so she went off to play with Mr. Moose.

Before long they’ll realize that there’s nothing like a full body submersion in a bowl of Gerber Rice Cereal.  It’s great for the fur!


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