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Puppy Chronicles–Day 21

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puppies Day 21 013

The Screamer naps after nursing in her new kennel.

I introduced Cody and the puppies to their new kennel today.  She settled down almost immediately to nurse, then relaxed for a bit.  It’s a cozy space, well ventilated, quite, and cool.  Cody like it, until I left her briefly with her puppies.  She wanted out.  She’s an indoor dog, and typical for her breed, loves to be around her humans.  The family will remain in my home for now, but they will get daily excursions into their kennel to play and explore.

After she nursed, Turbo Puppy explored every inch of the kennel, while The Screamer sprawled out for a nap.  Little Darlin, bless his heart, he just walked around fussing.  He’s been fussy all day, and I think it’s because of the heat.  It is so incredibly hot right now.  The pups are back in the house and I have placed moistened towels in the whelping box with bocks of ice between them.  They all piled on and are now sound asleep.

Later this afternoon The Screamer climbed out of the whelping box and walked over to Cody’s food bowl that had a bit of leftovers.  She seemed interested in the wonderful aroma of kibble and liver, but quickly lost interest when she found she lacked the one important tool for eating kibble:  teeth!  So she climbed right back into the whelping box and nursed from mom instead. 




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