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Puppy Chronicles–Day 22

Monday, September 14, 2009

Puppies Day 22 005Weaning time!  Mommy shows them how it’s done, while Turbo Puppy looks on (in disbelief, no doubt)

The Three Muskateers turn three weeks today.  I walked into my bedroom this morning to find the whelping box empty.  I looked under my bed and saw six little paws.  The little poopsters climbed out of their box and went to sleep under my bed where it’s cool and dark.  I put them back in, but the climbed out again.  It wasn’t until the late afternoon when they settled on their moistened towel that they stayed in their box.

Today officially begins weaning, and it wasn’t as messy as I anticipated.  The puppies got Gerber Rice Cereal mixed with a homemade puppy replacement formula.  The Screamer took two laps then spent a few seconds afterwards licking her lips.  Turbo Puppy mouthed the edge of the bowl, and accidentally tipped over the bowl, at which point she got one lap.  Little Darlin remained oblivious to the whole proceedings.  At dinner time they all came up to the bowl, and The Screamer sat in front of the bowl lapping up the cereal.  Turbo Puppy joined her later.  A family member put Little Darlin to the dish, and I think he got more cereal than he bargained for.  He backed away from the dish and spent a few seconds licking his lips.

Cody finished off the rest, and when I filled the bowl with seconds, The Screamer came up to it once more and resumed lapping.  Incredibly, there was no mess to clean up, just an empty bowl to wash.

The puppies got their first worming today, too.  I have them 1 cc of 10% Panacur.  They willingly took the medicine, the innocent babes.

I cuddle each puppy several times per day, and stress them mildly.  Yesterday it was a gentle ear pinch; today it was squeezing their toes gently.  I even clipped the front claws of each puppy, but I forgot to do the dewclaws!


Comments on: "Puppy Chronicles–Day 22" (2)

  1. You have such cute puppiesss!!!!its a shame how the grow up so quick! I am loving the day by day count on your blog.

    • debbiedavidson09 said:

      Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, they grow way too fast, and I’m dreading the day when the last puppy leaves me for his forever home. I know my heart will break.

      I remind myself, though, that I take such pains in raising this litter because I want my puppies to be wonderful companions to their new owners, and great working dogs, too.

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