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Puppy Chronicles–Day 24

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Puppies Day 24 003

Little Darlin and Turbo Puppy enjoy dinner from a bowl.  The Screamer thought exploring the living room was far more exciting than eating out of a bowl like a big dog.


Today was the first day since the puppies’ birth that they have been left alone with Cody for an entire day.  It was hard for me, as I constantly wondered what they were up to, whether they would be okay.  I go through puppy withdrawal during the day when I’m away from them, but there’s always someone at home to give me updates.  I managed to survive, somehow.

And the pups survived just fine, but were clearly happy to see us when we came home.  During the evening I left the baby gate to the living room open for the puppies, but only one puppy took me up on the invitation to check out the room.  After yesterday’s fiasco with the Pomeranians, I put them in another room so the pups could explore freely.  Cody clearly didn’t like the puppies in the living room, though, and kept biting at the pup to get her back in the bedroom.

Weaning went okay today.  I’m truly amazed that the puppies are not making a mess.  They’ve been lapping like civilized dogs out of the bowls.  I accidentally made their food too thick today, but they loved it.  Little Darlin ate most of it, while Turbo Puppy cleaned him up.  Cody came by ocassionally and took a few laps as though to encourage the pups, but  The Screamer went off to explore the living room.

Puppies get their final dose of worm medicine tonight.

Puppies Day 24 001Turbo Puppy plays the role of mommy by cleaning up Little Darlin while he eats.


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