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Puppy Chronicles–Day 26

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another obscenely long day, but what a reception I got when I returned home.  When the puppies heard me walking through the house, they climbed out of their whelping box to greet me at the baby gate.  Then they swarmed my feet, tails wagging fiendishly, as they sank their newly emerging shark’s teeth into my flesh.  Man, that hurt!

At my last trip to the store, I purchased a baby brush set for human babies 0-3 months, and brushed the little fiends for the first time today.  I figured that the soft bristles would be gentle on their delicate skin and fur.  They snuggled and eventually fell asleep in my arms while I gently ran the brush through their coats.  This is my way of conditioning them to accept grooming later on. 

When my dogs were puppies I found it difficult at first to brush them because they kept biting at my hands and trying to grab the brush.  Eventually they grew to like being brushed. 

I also checked their teeth.  The two white puppies did not like that at all, but the black and gold one accepted it.  I’ll keep doing it everyday–just lifting their lips to expose their teeth–not a big deal at all.

The Screamer has just discovered that she can run, so she darts around the room, and for the most part, remains on all fours.  The puppies had a wrestling match today with lots of growling.  So cute.  It’s hard to believe that they will turn four weeks on Monday, and I will have them for only four more weeks after that.


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