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Puppy Chronicles–Day 32

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I had the fence around Cody’s kennel heightened after she sprang over it the other day.  So today I locked her in the kennel with her puppies, ostensibly to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  Cody screamed like a banshee for a while, then all went quiet.  Before I knew it she ran into my office, ears back, head down, and tail wagging.  So much for the kennel.

The puppies enjoyed some playtime in the living room and when I locked them back in my bedroom, Turbo Puppy screamed blue murder to get out again.  I ignored her and eventually she settled down for a nap.

This weekend their puppy room will be furnished with toys and ramps, and boxes to climb into and maybe a crate.  I think it’s time to start crate training.


What are your thoughts?

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