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Puppy Chronicles–Day 34

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The puppies turn five weeks on Monday, and already I notice that they are not nursing much from Cody.  They are now getting gruel made from really soggy kibble mixed with puppy replacement formula.  Tomorrow I’ll add ground beef to the mix.  I got home too late to cook.

I’ve found the secret to making puppy mush from kibble:  soak the kibble in milk for a REALLY long time (like three hours, at least), and you’ll be able to mash it with a fork.

The little rascals now come when you call them.  Sometimes they’ll come to you even when you don’t call them, but that’s because they want to bite your ankles. 

Last night I was awakened from a sound sleep by the sound of a puppy yelping.  I sprang out of bed and noticed that the baby gate separating my bedroom from the living room was opened.  The puppies had gotten out, and Cody was trying to herd them back in my room.  For some reason, she doesn’t like when they go into the living room.  Whenever I take them to that room, she tries to herd them out!

Oh well…I suppose mother knows best…


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