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Puppy Chronicles–Day 35

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Puppies Day 35 015Little Darlin plays with his toy.






Good Lordy!  My house is fast becoming a giant kennel with five adult dogs and three puppies.  The babies are now very mobile and very strong.  They no longer walk: they run, and they will race me to the door to get out of my bedroom.  When they are in the living room, they will race me to the kitchen.  Everywhere I go there’s a dog. 

The adults are all house trained, but not the puppies, though Cody still cleans up after them.  She has, however, relaxed her maternal duties somewhat, and it’s only a matter of time when the puppies are on their own.

Cody, the consummate mother dog, now teaches her puppies to play with toys and basic manners.  She’ll pick up one of the toys and walk around with it, encouraging her babies to follow her.  Yesterday after she was done playing and trying to get comfortable for a nap, The Screamer went up to her to play some more.  Cody just barely lifted her lips to expose her top teeth.  The Screamer took the hint and backed off.

The puppies enjoy playing with their toys, especially Turbo Puppy and Little Darlin.  They will drag Mr. Moose around my room.  It’s so cute to watch them because the to is slightly larger than the puppy.  They remind me of wolves in the wild hauling home the catch of the day.

They play with each other, too, and sometimes in the heat of play they forget to eat.  Little Darlin was eating his dinner when Turbo Puppy snuck up behind him and bit him on the butt.  Little Darlin turned out and reciprocated in kind.  A scuffle ensued and somehow Little Darlin ended up in the supper dish.

Maybe one day in the not too distant future mealtime will become a serious affair where the puppies will settle down to eat their meals in one sitting, but for now, meals continue to be a source of entertainment.


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