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Puppy Chronicles–Day 36

Monday, September 28, 2009

Puppies Day 36 001

Little Darlin plays with his crazy chicken



The puppies spent nearly one hour in their kennel sans mom, and they settled very nicely–no one screamed murder.   Then each puppy got to spend individual time with me.  We played a game of tug and the “let’s follow the human” game.  I tossed a ball, but they weren’t interested in going after it.  They are too young.

Cody played for a short while with her sister Athena, and I was so relieved that they played nicely.  I played a game of “relay fetch.”  It’s a simple game.  I hold two balls in my hand, toss one and send one dog to get it.  While she brings it back to me, I toss the other ball and send the other dog after it.  We keep this up for as long as I can stay coordinated.  It’s great exercise for me, and fun for the dogs.

Anyway, back to the puppies.  This is, afterall, their link.  Turbo Puppy and Little Darlin have learned how to stabilize their food dish with their paws.  Turbo Puppy has this cute habit of pulling the dish to her when she wants to eat.


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