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Puppy Chronicles–Day 37

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turbo Puppy found her voice today.  During breakfast, my rottweiler, Busta, decided to bark at the stray dogs on the road outside our house.  Now it’s very easy to confuse Busta’s bark with a thunder storm, because he not only barks, he bangs on the gate and makes a racket loud enough to wake the dead in the nearby cemetary.  Turbo Puppy raised her head from her bowl, stood her ground, and emitted the loudest bark that her tiny lungs could muster.

The puppies turned five weeks yesterday and received their second course of worming.  They got their nails trimmed and snuggled in my lap while I brushed them.  They are really  starting to act like dogs, now–loyal and affectionate.

At night when I’m going to bed they put their front paws on the side of my bed waiting for me to pat each head and wish them a good night.  Of course, they don’t sleep.  I was awakened in the wee hours by the sound of metal clinking against wood.  I got up to look:  Turbo Puppy had somehow managed to get Cody’s collar undone and was walking around my room with it in her mouth.  Cody sat down looking quite confused.

I rescued the collar.  Not only is it dangerous should the puppy eat the treads from it, but it’s blue, and I haven’t seen another one like it in the stores.  My shepherds are almost identical, and I tell them apart in a pinch by the color of their collars:  Cody wears blue and Athena wears purple.  Mix the colors and pandemonium could ensue

I’m planning on keeping one of the puppies, so I’ll have to find an appropriate collar for the new little one.  So many executive decisions…so little time…


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