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Puppy Chronicles–Day 44

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Puppies Day 44 016Turbo Puppy enjoys cuddle time with her human Grandma.






My cellphone has a really obnoxious ring, according to my students.  It’s loud, and whenever it rings during someone’s lesson, the poor child invariably jumps out of his skin.  Well, tonight while the puppies were polishing off Cody’s dinner, I placed the phone near to them and rang it from another phone.  The puppies lifted their heads momentarily from the trough, looked at the offending object, and went back to their meal.  It was clearly no big deal for them.  Tomorrow I’ll try banging a pot really hard.

The object of this exercise is to desensitize the puppies to loud sounds.  I am trying to prevent them from developing sound sensitivities later on. Once the puppies were finished eating, they went over to inspect the phone closely.  It quickly became evident to me that someone was devising a way to dismantle the phone, so I picked it up.

THe puppies wore collars today, and they did not seem to object one bit.  They scratched a bit, but basically ignored the collar and continued playing and eating. 

For the first time today, Cody had no access to the puppies.  I left them in the outdoor kennel while I was at work, and Cody stayed in the house.  There is always somone home to supervise, so the puppies were checked on frequently and fed during the day.  By mid afternoon they were brought back into the house where they spent the time in their indoor pend till I returned home.  That’s when they came into the house for more playtime.

Play is so important to these puppies.  It teaches them how to get along with other dogs, how to read body language, and develops their brains and burns off all that puppy energy.  It also encourages them to explore new objects without feeling fearful.  At six weeks these little ones are like sponges.


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