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Puppy Chronicles–Day 45

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The pups wore collars again today for about a half hour, and didn’t seem to really notice.  They scratched at their necks for a bit, but then got busy playing.  Once again, they spent time in their outdoor kennel, which they have grown to love.  It’s really a nice kennel with a run for them to play in and a concrete enclosure for shelter from the elements.  They get to watch the world go by from the fence.

I did clicker training with them for the first time.  I got a bit of kidney and offered them pieces to make sure they really liked the food.  After they readily took a few pieces, I clicked just before giving them the treat.  Turbo Puppy and The Screamer found the activity most entertaining.  They sat by my chair, eyes riveted on me.  Little Darlin watched the proceedings from a safe distance, then left to fraternize with the pomeranians.

The idea was not to teach them behaviors, but to get them to associate the click with something good.  After a while, though I found myself clicking each time the puppies didn’t jump on me for the treats, for sitting nicely on the floor, or standing with all four feet on the flour, or for looking at me.

We will do more tomorrow.  Now it’s time for their last meal before bed.


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