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Puppy Chronicles–Day 49

Gretchen's EarsSunday, October 11, 2009

Turbo Puppy’s ears begin their slow ascent.  Her blue eyes look a bit freaky.  They do not look like that in real life; I tried editing it out, but that made matters worse.  No, she is NOT a blue eyed puppy.


The puppies got individual play time with me today.  Turbo Puppy and Little Darlin consistently retrieve the ball now; Screamer will chase the ball and return to me without it.  I’m sure she’ll learn to retrieve shortly.  In the meantime we just have fun chasing the ball.

Cody gets very limited time with the puppies now, and I must say they are quite stinky.  I think they marinate in you-know-what while they are in their pen.  Cody goes in there when I let the puppies out and she cleans up, bless her heart.

Contrary to what I’ve read, dams continue to clean up after their puppies well after the three-week limit.  At nearly seven weeks she still cleans up the puppies and, if you’ll pardon me saying this, “eats their poop.”  But, Cody is one special dog, in my opinion, and of course I’m totally impartial.


What are your thoughts?

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