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Puppy Chronicles–Day 54

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The The Muskateers are hiding under my bed while their mother lies on the floor playing with them.  They have really loud, penetrating voices now, and LOVE to vocalise.  Last night Turbo Puppy decided to bark for a few minutes–maybe two or three–before she got tired and went to sleep. 

I love the puppies’ energy level, but I’m always so happy when they go to sleep.  Then there’s peace in the house and nobody has to run from the ankle-nippers.

The two white puppies did very well in training today.  I guess they were hungry because the treats that they turned up their noses at day before yesterday, they gobbled down today.  I need to shape more behaviors, though and teach puppy zen.  I am keeping a list of training ideas in my office each day so that I won’t run out of things to train.  It will also ensure that I train a variety of behaviors to keep the puppies thinking.

Turbo Puppy was the only one who didn’t do any training.  After chasing her brother and sister around the house, grabbing toys and running around with them, chewing up my shoes, and, oh yes, barking her head off, she was just too tired to work.  So, she curled up under my chair and watched me.  I should have clicked and treated for that:  at least she was quiet.

I’m off to work now, and will not see the babies until quite late tonight.  I trust they will go to sleep after their breakfast and will do some growing while I’m gone.

Till later…


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