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Puppy Chronicles–Day 56

Monday, October 19, 2009

Puppies First Bath at 8 weeks 002

I do NOT find this in the least bit amusing.  You wait…I shall get back at you when you least expect it!

The puppies got their first bath today, and what an experience.  They groaned and grumbled and complained, but took the process in stride.  It never occurred to me that keeping white puppies clean could be so hard!

After each puppy got its bath, I toweled it dry, wrapped it in a dry towel and held it in my arms for a bit so that it would stop trembling from cold and fright.  They loved being held, though, especially when they got to lick my face and chew my ears.

This has been a journey indeed, and I have learned so much about raising dogs from birth and so much about myself in the process.  I have been very lucky to own a bitch that turned out to be an exemplary mother, had enough milk to feed her brood, and had an easy whelp.

So many things could have gone wrong, I know that, and I’m very grateful and give thanks to the Sustaining Infinite that all went well.  I am also very grateful to the people who helped me along the way.  To Dr. Matthew Brown, veterinarian at the JSPCA for his help and advice throughout Cody’s pregnancy and for being available should disaster strike during the whelping.  To Alston Miller, a fellow dog breeder, who allowed me to use his beautiful Sam as a stud and for his patience in answering my questions (in the first week of the puppies’ lives I was calling him virtually everday!).

I also thank all the visitors to this site who followed the growth and development of this beautiful litter, and who sent kind wishes and pearls of wisdom.

Lastly, to my Mom, without whose help this litter would NEVER have been possible in the first place!

The puppies are now eight weeks old and one will hopefully be going to her new home this evening.  This shall be my last entry in the Puppy Chronicles as I now turn my attention once more to training my adult dogs and the puppy that I will keep from this litter.

I shall keep updating the dog training link with articles, videos, and general accounts of my new puppy’s and adults’ training so stay tuned.


Comments on: "Puppy Chronicles–Day 56" (8)

  1. Liza Lundell said:

    I may have missed it, but which puppy are you keeping?

  2. debbiedavidson09 said:

    I’m keeping Little Darlin. He shows a lot of promise as an obedience dog–good drive, and has an awesome natural retrieve. I would like to do personal protection with him later, if I can find someone who uses positive training methods.

  3. Hi dude, I really like your site. With the abundance of misinformation about dogs on the web, it’s great to see some refreshing content. Keep up the great work!

  4. Another Title…

    [..] I saw this really good post today and I wanted to link to it. [..]…

  5. Hi mate, what theme is your blog using? It’s incredible

  6. We have the same problems with our Cream Golden Retrievers, but have found and easy way of making bath time fun. (we can only really do this in the summer though)


    • Hi,

      Thank goodness the puppies grow up and learn to keep themselves clean! You can use baby wipes between baths, those help to a point.


  7. Odd , your article shows up with a green hue to it, what color is the main color on your site?

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