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On a cool, overcast Sunday morning in October, dog owners and enthusiasts came out for The Jamaica Kennel Club (JKC)–sponsored dog show.  This particular show had a different “feel” from previous shows.  This time the JKC combined their All-Breed Championship, German Shepherd Breed Show, and Obedience Trial all on the same day.  They even changed the venue, choosing the smaller, more intimate space of the KSAC Sports Club instead of the instead of the Hockey Federation Grounds.  Given the costs involved with staging a dog show, the JKC probably made a prudent move in combining shows and moving to a smaller venue. 

Given the size of the show, the venue suited this event quite well.  It was very easy to get from one station to another; consequently, I was able to take in much of the conformation and obedience trial with great ease.  The thick cloud cover provided shade, but with the dearth of trees on the field, finding shade would be a challenge on a hot day.

Susan Margaret Belfield from the UK judged both shows.  According to her biographical data printed in the show’s catalog, she is a “British Kennel Club A1 approved Breed Championship Show judge…and an International Championship Show Breed specialist.” 

Dog Show 10.18 028Many contestants did not show up, however.  Maybe it was because of the cooling rains from the previous night that kept folks away.  There was only one rottweiler present for the conformation show, for instance: Jezeve Coc at Dryview, an imported bitch owned and handled by Damian Yap.  Belfield awarded her a Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC).

Dog Show 10.18 013Due to work responsibilities, I arrived at the show late.  The Labrador class had already come and gone.  I did manage to catch the judging of the corgis, but was surprised that there were no Shih Tzus entered:  they are perhaps the most popular of the small breeds in Jamaica.  There was one Yorkshire class and one Pomeranian class each with only one entry.

Dog Show 10.18 041Once again, Marksman and dominated the obedience trials, and only one amateur trainer/owner  competed.  Most of the dogs did very well, and it was truly amazing that they could work off leash with a German Shepherd tethered to a nearby fence that kept barking for the entire show!  It is truly lamentable that more people do not train their dogs and compete in these trials.  There is no better way to bond with a dog than to train it.  It’s a great learning experience, and a humbling one, too.

By midday judging wrapped up for the All-Breed Show, and the judge began announcing the winners.  The German Shepherd Breed show was scheduled to take place after lunch, but I left before that started.

 The next show takes place on November 8, which will feature an all-breed championship component and obedience trial.  Hopefully more people will turn out to support the show by entering their registed and non-registered dogs.


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