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So Gretchen (aka Turbo Puppy when she was born), has taken to clicker training quite well for an 8 week old.  I have started to teach her the sit, and here’s what I’ve done:

Offered her a few bits of treats to ensure that she really likes the treats and she will readily accept them.  Next, I pair the click with the treat being careful to click before I present the treat.  Dogs, especially puppies read body language, so I don’t want my hand moving towards her or towards the bowl of treats to be the cue.

Then I make sure to click and treat in rapid succession.  Keep stuffing those treats in her mouth while I click.  When training puppies timing is vital, and I’m really beginning to appreciate this.  Puppies have the attention span of a gnat, so even a tiny 10 second delay between click and treat will send the puppy searching for a better way to spend his time.

After this step, wait till the puppy offers a sit.  As soon as his butt hits the gound, click and treat.  Again, keep clicking and treating while the pup is sitting.  Stuff his mouth with food.  Once he gets up, stop clicking and treating and wait till he offers the sit.  Once he does, rinse and repeat.

Do not add a cue at this stage. You are merely shaping the sit.


What are your thoughts?

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