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Attempting the Impossible

I must be either very brave, overly sentimental, or completely cuckoo.  I’ve decided to keep not one, but TWO puppies, so I’m now raising two 9-week old German Shepherd puppies!  Yes, I know, it’s practically impossible to do this, but I’m gonna try.

My original plan was to keep the white male from my litter because he shows so much promise as a future obedience dog, but I just couldn’t let go of the black and gold girl, who was the “odd” puppy among a litter of white German Shepherds. 

This will be an adventure, that’s for sure.  Right now the focus is housetraining.  The puppies sleep in an indoor pen, which isn’t ideal because it’s big enough for them to go potty in, and they do precisely that during the night.  However, they get supervised play time in the house when I’m home, and they haven’t had any accidents in the house for two weeks now.  I count that as significant progress!

During the day they stay in an outdoor kennel and when I come home I lean over the gate and scoop up one puppy, put on his or her collar and leash and we go for a walk around the yard before coming inside.  Well today I had my clicker attached to one of those spiral, plastic, stetchy thingys around my wrist, and as I bend down to pick up the black and gold puppy (Gretchen), the male  (Tuvok) decided to grab hold of the clicker, and WOULD HE LET GO??? Not a chance. 

So there I am lifting Gretchen higher and higher over the gate, while Tuvok has the clicker in his mouth stretching out the thingy around my wrist.  Then, he can’t hold on anymore and lets it go.  It flies upwards and whacks me in the face.  Of course the words that came out of my mouth cannot be written here because minors read these posts, that I know for a fact!

Now I’m sitting here typing away and nursing a sore face.  Yes, I know, I shouldn’t complain.  Nobody told me to keep two puppies.  I suppose it’s like having twin toddlers of the two-footed variety without anyone to help.  I make myself dizzy spinning around trying to keep both puppies within sight.


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