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Okay, so Tuvok is a god-sent.  The folks whom I’d promised him to decided they didn’t want him.  Of the three puppies in the litter he scored the best on the puppy temperament test, appeared to be the most stable, well-adjusted puppy, and a wonderful specimen of the breed.  Also, he’s a very smart puppy with natural proclivities towards working.  I am so glad I got to keep this little guy.

Just one problem:  he is very distracted.  Well, he’s only 12 weeks and 1 day as of writing this, so it’s hardly surprising that his flea-like-brain-attention-span-of-a-gnat is so immature.  I would train him in the house, but he’d spend his time checking out the furniture, chewing on a chair, visiting with the pomeranians, playing with his toys, and chasing the humans around the house.

I tried putting a leash on him while training, but that really stressed him out.  He would offer me behaviors, like sits, but when I clicked and treated him, he’d whimper.  Furthermore, he kept trying to get away from me.

We live in this large historic house that my great-grandfather, when he built the house, intended to be a two-family dwelling.  Right now the “other side” of the house is unoccupied, so I converted the kitchen into a training room.  It has nothing in there…absolutely nothing (except, of course, the kitchen sink).

I took Tuvok over there for training and he worked beautifully.  We worked on sits, and I started putting the cue on that behavior.  He began offering me downs, which seemed to take forever before.  We did a spot of loose-leash walking and walking on heel off-leash. 

His lesson was longer than usual, and longer than a puppy of his age should endure, but he didn’t want to quit!  He just kept offering me behaviors and waiting expectantly for that click and treat.

There’s hope for this little guy.


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