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I began getting anxious a few weeks ago.  The ears of all the puppies in my recent litter had gone up, except Tuvok’s.  His ears showed signs of going up at six weeks, then they flopped, then went up at 11 weeks, then one ear flopped while the other draped itself over the top of his head like a toupe.  Very comical indeed, if you are neither the owner nor breeder of this dog.

At nearly 13 weeks, his ears are now up.  The trick?  I gave the dog a lot of things to chew.  The puppies chewed on a bone in their crates each night until they fell asleep.   I fed soup bones that are medium sized, as they can’t splinter, neither can the dogs choke on them.

The chewing action strengthens the muscles that hold up the ears.  It is not unusual for the ears of a German Shepherd to go up as late as five months, and in some instances later.   Puppies grow fast, and so it’s resources go into developing bones, teeth, organs, etc. and later the ears. 

My puppies are out of lines that has “good ears,” so the likelihood that Tuvok’s ears would remain down were slim.  Still, it’s every German Shepherd breeder’s nightmare that their puppies’ ears won’t go up.

I will probably continue giving the bones for a long time yet, just to make sure that their ears remain up and strong.


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