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Tuvok went on errands again today, and he was so well behaved.  Again, he didn’t bark at anyone or growl, and walked nicely on his leash with no pulling.

He sat when we got to the curbs and was only mildly curious when a black plastic bag floated in the wind in front of him.  My rottweiler got spooked once at an obedience competition when a bag similar to the one Tuvok saw floated in a gust of wind outside the ring.

No one stopped to play with Tuvok, but that was okay.  I’m not sure that he’s really into being petted by strangers at this point, but I’m hoping that very soon he will accept strangers approaching and interacting with him.

We weren’t out for very long because it was hot, and his little tongue was almost touching the ground.  I suspected that the pavement was hot, too, so we called it a day after about a half hour, and rested in the air conditioned car for a while before heading home for lunch and a nap. 

Tomorrow we won’t be able to go out because I have an insanely long day at work, but I will have Friday free, and will be able to take both dogs out separately.

Now, I’m off to dinner, but I shall take Gretchen out later.


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