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I swear Gretchen has a motor attached to some part of her body.  I’ve yet to find that motor, and I’m still looking for the off button. I never thought I’d see the day when Gretchen, aka Turbo Puppy, aka Motor Puppy would settle down in the house.  

When I let her into the house, Gretchen would pace the house looking for something to play with.  It could be quite annoying, not to mention distracting.  Then she would jump on tables or the tops of dog crates and abscond with a prize–usually a book, pen, or someone’s wallet.

On my day off today, I let her in the house with a bone.  She settled down in my office and gnawed her bone then went off to the laundry room for a nap. She slept for about an hour, until I inadvertently woke her up while trying to capture this historic event on camera.

Gretchen wakes up from her napy in the laundry


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