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 Ron Sterr principal of the Litchfield Elementary School in Arizona wrote a sarcastic letter to parents as a joke.  He did not intend for the letter to be circulated, but someone goofed and the letter went home with second-graders.  Now the deed has turned around to bite the principal in the you-know-where.  Julianne Lein, district superintendent, wants this principal reassigned.

While the letter is hilarious,  it underscores some problems with the education system, not only in the US where the letter originates, but in Jamaica.  Very often teachers work their tails off trying to teach, but parent- apathy prevents students from progressing; it even demotivates them.  THAT in turn is demotivating to the teacher.  Sometimes teaching is a thankless job.

The letter is reproduced below.

What do ya’ll think?

Principal’s Letter


What are your thoughts?

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