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By the looks of things, Athena will not be able to compete in the upcoming obedience trial.  She’s now refusing to jump.  At first she was being creative in her refusal, like running under the crossbeam of the high jump, and that was after I’d lowered the height after her nasty tumble on the long jump.

I placed a barrier under the long jump so she wouldn’t go under, and she started going around.  I then worked her on-leash, but she would just run up to the jump and refuse to go over.

She used to be a good jumper, so I’m suspecting one of two things have come into play here:
i) She’s now afraid of jumping because of her recent fall
ii) Her ears could be infected…again…

I’m told that the other dogs push her to the ground and maul her when they are playing in the yard while I’m at work.   If she has an ear infection, this one will make her third infection for the year!

So I’m really disappointed about not entering the trial, although I’ve already paid for the entry.  I guess I’ll cancel the entry and transfer the fee to the conformation show.

My disappointments, I’m afraid, do not stop here.  A few weeks ago I found a lump just above Tuvok’s hip.  It came up almost overnight, and I was alarmed.  Our vet, however, thought it was a haematoma, and said that we should wait two weeks to see if it goes down.

In the meantime, another has appeared on Tuvok’s left shoulder, which I discovered today, and another one has formed on his right shoulder.

The lumps don’t seem to hurt him,  and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain.  Right now he’s lying down beside my chair working the remnants of a rawhide bone.

We’re in the midst of a long Easter holiday, so I will not be able to take him to the vet before Tuesday.  I am really praying that this dog will be okay.  I’ve never seen this before on any of my other dogs, and Tuvok is only 7 months old.


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