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Today, April 11, 2010, was to be the Jamaica Kennel Club’s (JKC) all-breed championship dog show and obedience trial.  I entered my white GS bitch Athena many weeks ago, paid her entry fee, and planned on entering some of my other dogs.

I took the day off from my organ-playing church job–not an easy task. Anyway, I gave advance notice and got the time off.

The night before I stayed up making last minute preparations for the show, like filling plastic bottles with water for the dogs, gathering up grooming supplies, etc. Next morning I loaded the dogs in the car and set off for the 20-something mile journey to the show.

I pulled up to the gates of the show venue to find that they were locked.  The grounds were deserted, and there was not even a stray dog to be seen.  Puzzled, I called the President of the Jamaica Kennel Club and was told that the show had been postponed until the 16th.

I asked why I wasn’t informed of this change (yes, they have my contact information.  This is not the first time I’ve entered shows).  Mr. President informed me that it was the Kennel Club’s responsibility to inform registrants of the change.  Now, I had called the JKC’s  office on Friday about one of my entries, but the worker there said nothing to me about a change of date.  In fact, she was to gather some information and get back to me.  She never did call me back.

It was right there that I decided that I’ll never enter another dog show.   I have had it with the Jamaica Kennel Club and its inefficiency.  All too often dog shows start 2 hours late when the dogs are hot and tired waiting around, and their owners/handlers are stressed and tempers flare.  I shall be visiting the office tomorrow and requesting a refund of my entry fees.  I will also be pulling the registration of all my current dogs, and will not be registering future litters or puppies/dogs that I purchase.


What are your thoughts?

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