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I’m Back

Many apologies for being away for so long, and thank you to my loyal readers who have sent me message through this forum and by email inquiring if I was okay.

I am just fine, but my graduate program has started, and it keeps me busy.  I have a huge project due tomorrow, and because of this and my teaching,  my dogs have not received any training for the past week, and the puppies are fast growing up to be hooligans.

Anyway,  although I haven’t trained Gretchen, my black and tan GS bitch, she did quite well today.  I was able to get a 10 second sit/stay and down/stay from her AND I added distance.  She stayed on the end of a four-foot leash.  Last time I trained her, we were up to six second stays, and no distance.

Her sits and downs are fluent, and I have faded both clicker and treats for that.  I did use the clicker for the 10 second stays, though, but will phase out the clicker in the coming weeks.

We also did a bit of distance-control on leash, just sits and downs, for the first time, and she caught on surprisingly fast. And she did all of this in my backyard amid distractions.  Perhaps I have a future CDX in the making!

I only trained for 10 minutes, because I have to get back to my studies, but it was 10 minutes that I enjoyed thoroughly.  There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time training my dogs.  It is perhaps the only activity that I can do that forces me to live in the moment and focus on my dog.  One has to focus when handling dogs like German Shepherds and Rottweilers.


What are your thoughts?

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