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They are smart, easily trained, perhaps the most versatile of all working breeds, and they are fiercely loyal to their humans.  That is the Rottweiler for you.  Unfortunately this breed’s reputation has been ruined by poor breeding practices and irresponsible owners.

A rottweiler with a stable temperament is not a vicious dog.  As descendants of the Roman Drover dogs that protected the Roman army’s cattle as they traveled, these dogs remain protective even today. But many breeders have chosen to abuse the rottie’s protective traits, by breeding overly aggressive, temperamentally unstable specimens and selling them to people looking to bolster their image by having a “bad dog” in their yard.

A properly bred and trained rottweiler is a joy to behold, and they make great family pets.   I am truly blessed to own one such dog, Busta, who is pictured above.   Busta is the family clown, constant companion to everyone in the household, official guest greeter, and protector to his humans and home.

Here’s one of my favorite videos that just about captures the beauty, power, and intelligence of this wonderful breed.  I did not make this video.


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