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Cody and Athena in advanced obedience classes.

German Shepherds are working dogs.  They are active, highly intelligent, fiercely loyal, and enjoy hanging out with their humans.  It is for that reason that they do not do well in kennels away from humans.  They were bred to work closely with humans as herding dogs

Because these dogs are active, they need to live in a household where their minds and bodies will be kept active.  They need exercise such as walking, swimming, jogging (check with your vet before jogging with your dog).  Training will do wonders for keeping your dog mentally active.  Now, you don’t need to train your dog to do Search and Rescue, or to do police work.  Teaching a few simple tricks will suffice.  It will give the dog something to do, allow you to bond with your dog during the training process, and entertain your guests.

An active German Shepherd dog is a happy one.


Comments on: "Keeping an active German Shepherd Entertained" (8)

  1. Not all GSDs are high energy. I have a boy here who sleeps all day long. He’s awake long enough to eat and poop.

  2. Shelly DIxon said:

    mine used to be hyper but they’ve settled down.

  3. Mundane and Shelly,

    You are lucky to have low energy dogs. Dogs are a bit like people in the sense that not all GSDs have a lot of energy, just as not all humans are athletic.

    I write from experience with an 11-month-old bitch who has more energy than she knows what to do with. My rottweiler, when he was younger had similar issues. Rottweilers also belong to the working group, like shepherds, and are used for herding in addition to protection.

    My point here is that dogs need a way to burn off that energy, which is vital if you want to remain a sane GSD owner or rottie owner, for that matter.

  4. I love these Shepherds,,, omg!!! they are looking so healthy= and beautiful.

    keep it up

  5. “An active Shepherd is a Happy one” lol. I say that all the time! Your dogs look great! My girl is always looking for a drive. When she’s bored she’ll grab a ball and play fetch non stop. I have to take her out 4 to 5 times a day for mile walks. I’ve decided to take on other challenges so we’ll be starting Obedience on Friday. This is something that a lot of people must understand for larger breeds. If they don’t get mental or physical stimulation, they get frustrated and because of that, people freak out and they end up in the pound. It’s a sad truth.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, it’s unfortunate that people love these magnificent dogs, but do not understand the needs of these dogs that goes beyond food and shelter. I think it’s true of most breeds. Shepherds and rottweilers in particular really need to have mental stimulation, preferably provide for by their humans.

      I have unfortunately lost one of my dogs. The dog on the left of this photo (she looks like she’s trying to get up and she’s looking off to the side) died last December from liver failure. It’s been a heartbreaking time…

  6. Yes, Andrew, I pray each day that she’s in a better place where she’s no longer suffering. It broke my heart to see those seizures and her confusion at the whole episode, and her looking to me for help, and I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t make the seizures stop.

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