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Where’s Tomas?

It feels like Christmas around here.  Temperatures have cooled off, and preparations are completed:  there’s food in the house water stored, ice made, and everything’s in place for our illustrious guest.  But where’s Tomas?

Jamaica’s Meteorological Office informed us that storm conditions would manifest itself from yesterday evening.  Consequently, evening classes that Edna Manley College, where I lecture in music, were suspended, and classes for the rest of the College were cancelled today and tomorrow.  But there’s no sign of Tomas.

It’s 10:22 pm as I write, and I hear gusts of wind outside, but nothing to be alarmed at.  There is no rain, and no sign of clouds.  Earlier today I drove along the coast, ostensibly to take pictures of the storm surge and anything storm-related of interest.  I got nothing impressive.  The seas were a bit choppy, but nothing spectacular.

This afternoon Tomas was reported to be 91 miles off the coast of Morant Point, Jamaica.  Perhaps we’ve been spared.  Perhaps there’s still time….


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