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Busta, my Rottweiler, loves to bring his bowl to me when he’s hungry.

Some dogs never tire of a game of fetch; others would rather die than chase an object and then pick it up in their mouths.  Retrieving (fetching) is a useful skill to teach a dog, whether it’s a pet or service animal, and it is a requirement for the utility portion of obedience trails.

Retrieving serves a useful function for both pets and service dogs.  There are numerous accounts of dogs fetching items for their owners, like beer from the refrigerator.

My Rottweiler, Busta, for instance, gathers up the food bowls for five of my dogs, one at a time, and brings them to me when it’s dinner time.  That’s his job, and one that he takes seriously.   Sometimes, though, he brings me his bowl when he smells food being prepared or being eaten by his humans.

Last night he smelled left overs on the dinning table.  Before I knew it, Busta had gone into his crate, grabbed his supper dish, and sat down beside the dinning table, dish in mouth, waiting for someone to fill his bowl with goodies.


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