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Lots of exciting things happening at White Mist Kennels for the summer.  As summer fast approaches–it’s hot as Hades at the moment–my goals for these few months’ break from teaching includes doing a lot of training with my dogs.  My work continues with Athena, who must qualify three times in the Intermediate ring to earn her “Companion Dog” title, the first of two obedience titles that she will earn.  We’re almost there.  With consistent, focused work, heaps of patience, and a lot of fun at the same time, I think we’ll get there.

I’m also preparing Tuvok for his first obedience trial in the Fall.  He’ll be doing Novice, but because of my limited time to train, his obedience training has suffered quite a set back.  I’m only now working on stays.  Tonight Tuvok did a 6-second sit/stay with me standing close by, which I was able to put on a variable schedule of reinforcement.  We have a far way to go.  Fortunately, Tuvok, like all the other dogs, adores his obedience lessons.

At the same time, I’m making preparations to rehabilitate and train a deaf catahoula/German Shepherd mix.  I have named her Lily as in Easter Lily, and she is five months old.  I will post more about Lily later.


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