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Careful what you train your dog to do

My rottweiler, Busta, learned how to gather up all the dog bowls at supper time and bring them to me.  Now, I did not train him to do that.  I trained him how to retrieve, and I trained him to bring his toys to me, but I DID NOT train him how to bring the supper dishes.

It’s cute, though, and very helpful, when he’ll bring the dishes, plastic and metal dishes, for me to fill up–all five of them.  What’s NOT cute is when we’re sitting at the dinning table enjoying a meal–just the humans– and he appears with a bowl in his mouth.  He’ll sit beside me with the bowl waiting for me to put something in it.

Invariably, I put a tiny morsel, and put away the bowl, only to have the stinker appear once more with another bowl in his mouth.

I tell you, that’s taking begging to a whole new height.

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