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Many, Many, MANY apologies…

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, but it sure does feel as though civilization suffered a brief hiatus:  I have been without phone or internet for the past week, and only just got it back.  Apparently a big truck drove down our street and ripped out the phone lines! 

This week I’ve been incredibly busy, first with my two-footed pupils competing in music competitions, and they did SPLENDIDLY, and now my four-footed pupils are competing in the dog show.  They have done splendidly, too, with my Pomeranian bitch winning Best in Show. 

It isn’t over because I go back in the ring tomorrow.  I’ll post more news once the weekend’s over and I surface to catch my breath.  It’s off to bed for me now because I have to wake up before God to get to work, the head off to the show with my other dogs.

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