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The Puppies are HERE!

Cody delivered four puppies early this a.m.  One was still born (a white), but she had three whites and a black and ? 

Her first puppy arrived at 3:40am and the last arrived just before 7:00am.  It’s been a long night. 

The wait is finally over, but now I hope and pray that the puppies will thrive.

Actually I never made it to bed, so I’m really tired right now.  I’m signing off for now, but will post updates soon.

We’re so close now

Cody has begun searching out a place to have her babies.  She’s now in a confined space with her whelping box and monitored when she goes into the garden.  We have lots of shrubs–nice place to drop a puppy or two.  NOT!

She hasn’t gone into labor, yet.

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