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Puppy Chronicles–Day 23

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puppies Day 23 003

The Screamer and Little Darlin wiped out after an  excursion around human mom’s bedroom.





The puppies spend more time out of the box than in, and they are getting bold!  The Screamer followed me into the living room this morning, and when I came home from work, Turbo Puppy was waiting for me at the baby gate to my bedroom alongside Cody.  Turbo Puppy walked into the living room and walked right up to the Pomeranians’ crate.  The female Pom barked furiously, but Turbo Puppy was not the least fazed.  In future, however, whenever I let the puppies go into the living room, I’ll have to move the Pomeranians to another room.

The puppies received their second dose of worm medicine, and once again, they took it like lambs.  I hope they will grow into mellow, easy to manage dogs that their new owners will enjoy having as companions.

They follow us around now, and react to noises around them.  Last night while the pups slept, Cody walked around the house with her favorite toy in her mouth:  a frog with a really loud squeak, known around my home as “Froggie.”  Well, Ms. Cody decided to walk through the whelping box among her sleeping babies, squeaking the toy.  One of the puppies growled at her.

Ocassionally the puppies have tried mouthing my hand.  When they do this, I redirect the activity to a “doggy pacifier” that I found in my local pet store.  It’s made of soft vinyl that the puppies love to chew on, and it looks like a pacifier.  Today, however, The Screamer decided to bite my ankles.  This happened just after worming her, so I guess that was her way of getting back at me.  Anway, I screamed “ouch!” She backed off, and Cody came over to see what was wrong.  That’s the beginning of her teaching bite inhibition, something that is so very important for a dog to learn.  In a few weeks’ time, these pups will have some sharp needle-like teeth!

Puppies Day 23 001The doggie pacifier that I use to redirect the curious mouths away from my skin.  Bite inhibition is one of the most important lessons that a puppy learns from its dam.


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