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Puppy Chronicles–Day 19

Puppies Day 19 008

Mother and daughter play outside of the whelping box.  At two weeks and four days the puppies are showing interest in their surroundings, especially outside of their whelping box.




The Three Muskateers had their nails clipped today.  Now I have lots of experience clipping cat and bird claws, but not puppy claws, especially puppies this size.  I was nervous, and had been putting off the task for a few days because I was so scared of clipping too deep and catching the quick.  I had nothing to stop the bleeding should that happen.

I couldn’t put it off any longer.  Those little nails were like hooks; actually, they ARE hooks, and they are sharp.  I noticed Cody would grab hold of a puppy’s head while it nursed–not hurt it–just hold it.  At first I thought the teeth were coming through.  Now I suspected it was the nails that made her uncomfortable.

Anway, I managed to clip all three puppies without cutting the quick.  Here’s what I did:

I got my human nail clippers to cut those wee nails.

  1. Look for the part of the nails that needed clipping:  those were the white tips (think French manicure on humans).  
  2. Rest the puppy in my lap and held the right paw with my left hand.
  3. Felt for the hook of the claw with the nail clipper.  Pulled gently on it to make sure I really had the hook.
  4. Clip
  5. I had to remember to do the dewclaws, because those were not removed at birth.
  6. To clip the nails on the left paw, I found it easier to turn the puppy so his head is facing my right arm and held his left paw with my left hand.

It was a relatively easy task, though I feel as if I could have removed more nail.  I will clip again very soon to prevent the quick from getting too long in the nail. 

Of the three puppies, Little Darlin was the most relaxed.  I had no problems whatever with him.  The Screamer was more interested in biting my fingers with her gums, but did allow me to clip.  Turbo Puppy tried to hid her paws, much like my cat used to do.  She didn’t like it, and once or twice pulled back her paws.

I will need to desentize her to this activity so that her owners will have not have to fight her to get her nails trimmed.

Puppies Day 19 011Cody plays with Turbo Puppy.  The puppies are playing more with each other and with their mom.


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