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Puppy Chronicles-Day 48

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I finally got a chance to work with the puppies individually today.  What a joy and an eye opener.  I did three things with each puppy:  played tug, played fetch, and did a spot of clicker training.  While all the puppies showed interest in the ball, and chased it, Little Darlin was the only puppy who consistently brought it back to me.  I didn’t take it from him, though, but allowed him to play with it for a bit.  This will encourage him to bring back the ball in future and not play “keep away” if he is ever taught the formal retrieve.  Turbo Puppy brought it back only once.

The two white puppies enjoyed the tug game.  Screamer tried to “kill” the tug toy by shaking it vigorously.  Turbo Puppy was too excited to have her human all to herself that she wasn’t interested in the game.  In the past, however, when I’ve played tug, she has been an enthusiastic participant.

The sessions ended with a few clicks and treats.  Of course by then the puppies were too tired to offer me any behaviors.  This week clicker training is all about getting the puppies accustomed to the sound of the click, and understanding that the click is followed by a treat.  So, I’m not putting too much emphasis on obedience training right now.  The puppies, after all, are only six weeks and five days old!

Turbo Puppy’s right ear went up today.   She wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get a picture.  I’ll keep trying.

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