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Puppy Chronicles–Day 8

Puppies Day 8 001

Little Darlin snuggles in the basket of the scale while I take his weight this morning.  The puppies are all gaining and growing.






The Three Muskateers are one week old today!  They look and act so different from last week.  

They continue to gain weight,  and their color is becoming more pronounced.  This morning when I woke up and looked into the whelping box, I was stunned at how bold the gold circles on Turbo Puppy’s cheeks had become, almost overnight.   Even the white puppies have lost much of their biscuit color and are starting to look like…well…white shepherds.

Yesterday I saw Turbo Puppy raise her back legs– butt in the air–to poop.  It was quite amusing.  The puppies can now raise themselves up, either front end or back end, though briefly.  Before long they will be able to raise both ends at the same time.

Although their eyes and ears remain closed, the puppies seem to take in more of their surroundings than last week.  Newborn pups have an acute sense of smell; that’s how they are able to find the milk supply. Today when I went to pick up The Screamer for her Early Neurological Stimulation, she actively sniffed me, as though trying to memorize my scent.  It was so nice to hear her little nose working.

From the photos that I’ve taken in the past two days, I notice that the puppies will need to have their nails clipped soon so they won’t claw Cody while they nurse. 

I offer up a silent prayer of thanksgiving that we have made it this far, and look forward to this new week filled with such promise.

Puppies Day 7 009Notice how pronounced the markings on Turbo Puppy have become.  In adulthood she will most likely be a black and gold, though the gold will be a pale one.  She promises to be a real beauty.


Puppy Chronicles–Day 5

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nap Time1

The Three Muskateers pile onto their cooling towel for their afternoon nap.  The extremely hot temperatures causes the puppies great discomfort in the middle of the day.

I started Early Neurological Stimulation (sometimes called Bio Sensor Stimulation) with the puppies today on this, their fourth day of life. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) consists of five exercises performed on each puppy once per day, everyday from about age 3-16 days when their nervous systems are rapidly developing.  The idea is to jumpstart the nervous, adrenal and pituitary systems.

Results? Puppies who receive this stimulation have stronger heart beats, greater resistance to infectious disease and some cancers, and are more tolerant of stress.  They tend to be more confident, curious and excel in competitive situations.

German Shepherds are working dogs, so it’s logical for me to follow this program with my puppies.  I’m expecting that I will produce dogs that are confident, quick learners, who will do well as protection dogs, family pets, and obedience dogs.

It is my intention to give these pups the best start to life, and their new owners will enjoy having them around and interacting with them.

The houseboy came to work today for the first time since the puppies were born.  Cody doesn’t like this man.  Cody doesn’t like anyone outside of her immediate family, come to think of it.  So, we had to trick her.  He had to enter our premises very quietly and work in the yard building the kennels.

It worked.  He was able to get on with his work, and Cody being non the wiser, settled down to the business of taking care of her puppies.

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